Membership Acquisition & Renewals

Enhance Your Existing Membership Program Or Develop A New One

For over 40 years Precision has been offering its clients a single source for print production, direct mail fulfillment, and acquisition/renewals strategies for organizations looking to acquire new members and renew existing members. Precision's unique products, customized direct mailing formats and membership program expertise can help make your membership campaign a success.

Precision's Unique Products Designed Exclusively for Membership Programs include:

  • Membership Cards
  • Unique Self Mailers
  • Integrated Forms
  • Laser Safe Pre-printed Materials*

* for In-House Production & Point-of-Sale Processing


Our Membership Acquisition & Renewal Programs provide:

  • Print Production: Membership Cards, Integrated Forms, Unique Direct Mail Kits, Labels, Envelopes Campaign
  • Analysis/Strategy: Ongoing in-depth campaign strategy and analysis as a no-cost value added service
  • Direct Mail Fulfillment: Personalization, Inserting, Kitting, Postage Optimization, Quality Control & Results Analysis
  • Project Management: Precision handles all Production and Fulfillment providing status updates on your program allowing you to focus on other tasks
  • Cutting Edge Technology: Access to the latest technological advancements including PURLs, QR Codes, E-mail Integration, Social Media Integration and More!